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Hillsborough Fire Equipment offers a complete line of handheld and wheeled fire extinguishers, extinguishing agents, fire suppressing foam concentrations & hardware suitable for a variety of industries.

Fire Extinguisher Repair

Fire Extinguisher Refilling / Recharging

Fire Extinguisher Inspection

Emergency Exit Lighting

Tampa Bay's #1 Choice for Fire Extinguisher Services

Hillsborough Fire Equipment Sales and Services has been proudly serving the cities in the Tampa, St. Petersburg, Plant City, Lakeland, Riverview, Sun City, West Chase, and Temple Terrace since 1963.

As a retired US Navy Veteran of 22 years, I pride myself in delivering quality “Made in the USA” products for you.  Your safety is our highest concern.  

We offer a number of fire protection services for your business.  Our trained professionals will go to your location, assess your needs and recommend what is best for your business.  

Hillsborough Fire Extinguisher Sales and Service is Tampa Bay’s #1 Choice for fire protection and suppression services. 

From inspecting, refilling, or servicing your fire extinguishers to installing emergency exit lighting, we have a long history serving our customers year after year.  Let us show you why our customers continue to choose us for our commitment to quality and customer service.  

You can call us at 813-758-9118, email us at or contact us with form to the right, and we will get in touch with you shortly.

Hillsborough Fire Equipment Sales & Services
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